20 April 2010


Aah..that's one of the two words around which my whole world revolves {the other being travel}. Movies is in my blood & veins & arteries & nerves & breath & every beat of my heart. I am a complete sucker for the experience of watching a 70mm screen come alive with colors & sound & characters & dance & sound & what have you. It's magical!

I have grown up like that i guess. Both my parents were big time movie fanatics. In those good old days of Bombay (sorry Mr. Thackeray cant EVER get myself to call my birth city by any other name) they used to get these VCRs on hire. It was a big ritual really. You had to book a particular movie, the VCR, the time & day & the VCR guy would come over & fix it up to your telly. All this while, we - that is the entire family plus our neighbours who came in assorted sizes would throng the small living room. We would wait with bated breaths for Rajesh Khanna or Rajendra Kumar or Jumping Jack or Sridevi or Jayaprada to tell us their 'dard bhari' kahaanis.

I remember dancing passionately to the tunes of "Dafliwale Dafli Bajaa" and "Chodo Chodo meri baahein meri rahein aa haa aa". Dafliwale was Jayaprada's number & Chodo chodo was Reena Roy's. I even staged a huge tamasha saying i 'had' to get the black dress that Reena Roy wore in that song. This was when i was in my 2nd or 3rd std. Three decades ago. Almost.

I never got that dress. I have the images etched vividly in my mind's eye. My smile as I raised my hand to represent an imaginary 'dafli', the indulgent smirks of my 'fan club' - the neighbourhood aunties, my tears shed for that coveted dress. It's like I am watching a movie right now. Decades later, today, I remember every emotion I felt back then.

I am still the same. The only difference is - I can now go right ahead & buy what I see being worn on screen. But i don't! :)

My other specialty is I cry in EVERY movie. Buckets!!

Except of course Prince (where's the story boss?)and Love Sex Aur Dhoka and Just Maath Maathalli. For the last one, I wanted to kill myself for watching it, i wanted to kill the theatre owner for playing it, Sudeep for his stupid direction & even stupider acting, the producer for putting his money into this most 'dead' projects of a film ever. oops....i digressed!

Now Sathya and I have successfully transferred our 'movie crazy genes" to Tanvi. She watched her first film when she was just one month old. Spiderman. Her second movie was the very next day - Krishh.

She has her brand of movies she enjoys. One with the least dialogue & the most dazzling songs & eye-ball popping, dare-devil action. She slept through My Name is Khan, though she is an SRK fan. The three of us are loyal fans of the 3 Khans - Sathya adores Sallu bhai and me - Aamir.

The only thing i dont like about theatres is the smell of buttered popcorn or even plain popcorn. Yuck! My poison is a delectable chocobar. Among the theatres i love frequenting, PVR (Forum) definitely tops the list. Cauvery and Vaibhav come a close second. These 2 are actually like a second home.

Looking forward to Inox in Mantri Mall now.


  1. Hi,
    good step.
    you really write from your heart.
    Your blogs are quite interesting.
    But see that you don't die in theatre only.
    Come out and talk about your travel experiences too.
    You have lot of issues to write.
    You have good English, (at least for me, who is a Kannada Medium-Rural Candidate).
    Go ahead... Happy blogging.
    Why did you take so long to start one.
    Good that you left your job.
    You are looking after your daughter well, I hope.
    And CrEaTiViTy is also creeping in.
    Good Luck

  2. I am a movie freak too. I lovveee movies :D and i love the tharki songs the most :D Sarkai lo Khatiya haha

  3. Nice! But I must say that I'm not at all a movie fanatic. Of course I see movies but not too often and half the time I don't have the patience to sit through a complete movie!

  4. @Chintan: arey bapre - sarkai lo khatiya type songs!! LOL. Govinda & Co. toh full on paisa vasool

    @Anne: oh Anne :(( no movies for u? aaa!

  5. Wow....greeeeeat.....Just like me and my daughter...

  6. @Seema: aah thats so nice to know Seema. mothers n doters do make a gr8 pair :)

  7. Nice post, all of us love the movies and the association of popcorn with movies is great. I am not able to go to theaters as much as I could earlier, but still managed to catch the last Harry potter movie in 3D

  8. Hey I am also crazy about movies... nice post.. love it

  9. @Vikram: thats gr8. i havent seen a single Harry Potter movie or read the books till date. Odd, isnt it?

    @Madhav: same pinch :)haha

  10. Very beautiful Blog !!! And so love your writing style...

  11. @Somu: thank you very much Somu. m glad you like :)

  12. I can see movies do fascinate you so much. :) oh yeah.. the VCRs... we used to rent them too. And we all used to gather around on the floor and watch it so ardently. For me going to theaters was an occasion. We usually go twice a year (Mostly Rajini or Kamal movies). And then there was Doordarshan wherein I watched most of my movies and also learnt Hindi. :) Movies are indeed a part of our lives. Nicely written. Made me nostalgic.

    1. :))) whatever little Tamil i know is thanks to films. just 2-3 words though - soll, kadal, vara, varamate etc :DD

      movies are great entertainment options