11 May 2010

Can’t remember!

There have been so many times I have forgotten where I kept my key, money, documents & so on and expected my husband to remember it for me!! We’ve fought because of this. My logic is: he has great memory & being my significant other I can rightfully expect him to ‘complete’ me. He doesn’t think so. :(

On 5th May we had gone shopping for some furniture & returned home 3 hours later. When I was climbing the stairs, I suddenly noticed that our house door was half-open. I got the shock of my life! Someone had burgled our house! I ran in & searched the whole place. Nothing was missing. Then I realized, to my utter horror, I had not locked the house at all!!

Once I was in a hurry to go to work. Had to change 2 buses to reach NIAM in Jayanagar. I had to cook & eat breakfast, prepare Tan for school & get ready. I left home at 8 and at 1:00 p. m got an SMS from Sathya, “You forgot to switch off the gas. The sambar is completely burnt”. The gas was on from 8 to 11:00 a. m! I was in the bus & controlled my tears. I had prepared the sambar the previous night. He’d liked it so much that he’d said, “This reminds me of my mother’s cooking”!! I mocked him later, saying,” You took your mother’s name & the curry burnt.” That day’s wasted gas cost us dearly; our cylinder got over a month too soon!

As a student, I used to mug up for exams just a day before the D-Day. I’ve never prepared, like the other students, months/weeks in advance. Simply because i couldn’t have remembered a thing after a day!! So my best bet was to read the previous day. I used to literally stack up my brain with all that there was to & pour it all out in the examination hall the next day. There was one other problem. What I study at night, I can’t remember! I am a completely morning person in all matters of the heart, mind & body! I usually study the whole day & sleep soundly the whole night & pronto … there I am all set for any exam.

My problem is I can’t remember what happened in the recent past, like say, yesterday, last week, and last month. Strangely, I remember very well a lot of my childhood! The formative 10 - 12 years I spent growing up in Bombay & then the initial years of growing up in a village. I had a very happy childhood.


  1. I know what you mean Sujatha! The other day I made something and then forgot to turn off the stove. When my husband went into the kitchen it was all smoky and about to trigger off the smoke alarm! Before we got married, listening to all my stories he used to say "You are going to be my Memory Plus". Little did he know! lol!

  2. I am just like that-I have forgotten my phone, camcorder, keys, laptop in fact i would forget my head if it wasnt sticthed on. Oh and I have left my house open 3 times now....

  3. @Anne: Buddha had said expectations r cause of misery. oh ur poor husband! he expected u to be his memory plus!!!haha indeed lill did he know!

    @confused: forget my head if it wsnt stitched on...ROFL

    now now 3 times is way too much dear...

  4. Well, this post reminds us of so many memories when we did some same thing of this sort...you are a gr88 observer...

  5. @Hemant: observation seems to be the only skill / talent left with me now :), so making the most of it hehehe

  6. I know what you are saying and I have also seen and experienced this. But it is indeed strange how our childhood memories are more intact and we feel that we remember more. But I have also wondered if a few years later, during our old age, we may remember our youth more than we think we remember it now. Dunno if I am making sense or not here but I have sometimes felt that our memories get refreshed with a lag.

    1. hmmm never thought about it that way but maybe yeah when we are older we really may remember our youth more. interesting point