07 September 2011

15 Minutes of Fame

“In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”.
Andy Warhol

Was that a prediction or premonition? Did Andy already know, from the way media was overpowering our lives, that this was bound to happen, sooner or later?

People have done crazy things for their time under the limelight. Example, the likes of Paris Hilton or our own desi drama queens aka Rakhi Sawant, Dolly Bindra, Raja Chaudhary & Sherlyn Chopra. Should I add Poonam Pandey to the list? Unfortunately, they have even managed to stretch their fifteen minutes into endless hours of torture for the viewers (at least for the female population; the men must still like them a lot, hehe). They haven’t even bothered to see how it is taken by the audience, are the people disgusted enough. It doesn’t matter to them. After all, this is fame we are talking about. Rakhi has even turned her life into one marathon reality TV series after another. And just when we heave a sigh of relief that it’s over, BANG she comes up with another one! NDTV Imagine deserves brickbats for showcasing her stunts in an attempt to keep the media hooked to her idiosyncrasies. The thing is, these starlets & wannabes know the art of recycling the same old junk – love, betrayal, tears & a big patch-up. Someone stop the nautanki, please! They’ve sailed beyond the limits of our tolerance & their stupidity.

I wonder about the people who get national coverage because of some unfortunate events like say the recent break out of H1NI flu or dengue fever & are interviewed on TV from maybe their hospital bed!! Do they think of that as their moment of being under the spotlight?

But leaving all that aside, what about us, have we, the aam junta, mere mortals, experienced our 15 minutes under the sun? Have we all had our chance at this mysterious thing called fame? I believe everyone has experienced their small stint of recognition at one point in time or another. For some, their fame would have come & gone in bits & pieces: winning a running race or even the athletic championship in school has made people feel important. Participation in club events makes us feel like a star in our circle. Some have warm memories of being the neighborhood star after their performance in the board exams or after they won an important contest or competition in school and college. For many NCC Cadets, being a part of the prestigious Republic Day celebrations in the country’s capital is truly their moment of glory. Most of us have had our time, however brief or momentary.
As for me, my claim to fame was when I won (is that the right word!) the gold medal/first rank in my M.A. Like every year, the ceremony was covered by the media & my neighbors told me the last shot of the news on a regional channel on the felicitation was me taking my certificate. A congratulatory message also appeared on a local Kannada newspaper. My mother was very happy & so was I.
Shouldn’t we stake claim to our 15 minutes of fame not by our antics but by our achievement? I am sure all of you, who have at one point, been the center of attention, deserved the applause you received, for the things you did. And those of you who haven’t yet been there; there will be a day for you too.


  1. We are also happy for your gold medal in MA.

    Like others, media is looking for money. They publish whatever sells but I am surprised Paris Hilton sells..does she? I don't think so.

    People like RS are trying to make a living - that is the only way they know...

  2. when i remembered back abt any situations of fame(of 15minutes)of that kind i remembered none..!! complet blank..remembered my registration day.lol
    worth read post sujatha,

  3. Wishing more of such '15 minutes' fame...and more medals!

  4. :) i want to be famous one day but neither like Paris by releasing a sex tape not by getting a boob job done and then accepting it on a worthless coffee talk show....fame is a four letter word and media well they should all die of shame if not overrated fame! in my opinion even jessica lal case was nothing but a case of fame blown out of proportion!!!!!! it's a very harsh statement but that's how i feel about it...at times!

  5. nice post. but I am thinking abt "15 min. of fame" in my life. I am wondering is it something happened in my life.

  6. Congratulations on your achievement- and I'm sure that will not be the last of your '15 minutes of fame' - you will have many other such times in your life!!

    This was a very intriguing post.

  7. I'm still waiting for my moment. And congrats on yours,I know, it was long ago. Nice post...

  8. @A: RS making a living out of her nautankis. ya :( . and yes Paris did "sell"

    @chitra: i am sure doctors like you would have some major events. if you aren't able to recall it now, it will come to you soon enough :)

    @Sibi: haha thank you. i am done i guess :0

  9. @Chintan: i totally agree with the first part of what you said but the last line...ummm...naah, i am not so sure.

    @Jidhu: i am sure it has happened in your life Jidhu. just think of your amazing photography & the recognition that comes with it

    @Anjuli: intriguing post? hmmm....wondering why!
    thanks Anjuli, i do hope we can have some more milestones in our lives :)

    @Saru: what about your wonderful poetry? haven't you published them yet? that would be a great moment, isn't it?

  10. My fame of 15 min: I'll put it this way.. It was my dad and mom who collected my 10th rank trophy and certificate on the dias from the head of my college trust. Poor me was in Pune on work deputation on the ceremony day. However I was happy to have my dad and mom proudly accept it on my behalf..

  11. @Ashwini: that's even more wonderful: they must be so proud & happy that day. what an honor & because of their child. no greater joy than that for them :)

  12. aaah.. So you excelled in academics! Congratulations.

    As for me... I'm still waiting for that 15 minutes. :)

  13. First Congratulations :)

    Many people pledge to achieve something by hook or crook, unfortunately most of them succeed only by 'crook', because that ensures one gets instant fame. Hard work and success is going to take a lot of time to get recognized right, so may be these attention craving people do not have all the time to spare, and opt for the short cuts, which as we all know are just ephemeral.

  14. These celebrities are desperate and not really celebrities in my opinion. You did good by winning the gold medal. Well done!

  15. Hearty Congratulations for all the success you have seen till date:D
    What I feel is :D Everyone are Famous for one or the other reason :D finding out what it is for is the challenge!!!

    Probably Andy Warhol would have meant something like this. :D

    P.S I still love Rakhi Sawant!!! :D

  16. Well written , First of all congrats for winning a gold medal , This would be a moment you would cherish whole your life.

    My fifteen (or little more :D) minutes came when I got a job , I was alone , My parents were waiting for my call! I just sat besides the road and kept laughing and crying for an hour or so!

    Though i wanted to keep it as a surprise , I straight -away called my mother!

  17. First Rank & Gold Medal in MA Lit-Sigh! That was my dream! Haha!
    Although it is quite late still am sure no one will not want to hear it - so congrats :-)

    There were countless times when I have looked at my friends who won beauty contests or sports contests or quizzes and were awarded medals and trophies and certificates and what not!Most of my certificates would be for group events - I hardly did anything worthwhile solo! So nowadays if people like or appreciate my writing (especially ppl whom I don't know personally as I guess they wouldn't be biased), I consider it as my 15 mins of fame!

    On the other hand, if anyone dislikes what I've written - it hurts real bad!! I think a part of managing fame effectively is to know how to handle negative criticism too... And I guess most of the ppl u've mentioned are those that live off negative criticism!

  18. Awesome that you had your 15 minutes of fame!! Congrats!!
    This is so wonderfully put, and I think everyone does, at one point or the other! This reminds me of Joey Tribianni! he always vied for his 15 minutes of fame...
    I had mine too, a few times! But I wish to have a grander one too!
    Sigh! How I wish I get one soon..

    Thanks for such a lovely read!

  19. @Nona: thank u :). it's hard to believe that you of all are still waiting for yours! think harder.

    @Ashwini: thank u :). true. hard work = long wait.

    @Rachna: yeah, they are so not. thank u :)

    @Ramya: correct, we've all been there but we just need to find out for what
    you love Rakhi - haha - hope my lines on her didnt her your fan feelings

  20. Congratulations on the award.

    Yes I do beleive that we should take that 15 minutes of fame .. because it takes hard work to be there .. whatever it is , it doesnot come easy we all have to work for it for sure .. and getting appreciated for it is always a good feeling.

    I have had a few of those BUt as someone mentioned above working hard for that BIG moment lets hope god is listening :)

    once again Well done :)


  21. @Ashish: as soon as i read about the job & that you cried & laughed for an hour, i quickly went over to your profile to check "was it a software job"? and Lo! i guessed right!! you are a techie :) was it one of those Fortune 500 companies?

    @Anne: looks like we've exchanged our dreams - travelling was mine :(( & you've done it all :)
    yes, your writing is good & for very article you write you should multiply it with 15 minutes
    so true - the last line.

    @Mi: ohh JOEY yaaaa!! he even didn't mind being Al Pacino's ass :)) i so love him

    i hope & pray that you get your GRANDER nah GRANDEST one sooon AND most importantly for something that would really mean A LOT to you :)

  22. @Bikram: here's my hands too joining in prayer for your BIG MOMENT. i am sure God is listening & the day isn't far away :) and when it happens, let us know.

  23. Just Imagine Watching TV without Rakhi Sawant's MindBLOWING shows like swayamwar, Adalath something something etc etc!!!

    Also Headlines Today Channel would have long clsoed if she, mika singh and also her so called boyfriends werent there.

    Please understand that they are all creating lot of employment also :D

    Donot hurt us like this else you will be pulled into Rakhi ki Adalat!!!!


  24. 15 minutes of fame.Its never been just 15 minutes of fame.Its been longer.Let me think ,15 minute fame...being the center of attention on my birthday,recently.Other than that lets see its months of fame...hmmm dsicharged from hospital after an entire week from an illness,no one can beat me at..brought me fame for months.:>...I know cheap,no bakwaas, thrills.I have won certifictaes and medals and all...but they were 5 minutes of fame.Nothing of substance strikes my mind right now though.

  25. I don't think so , The company was Tcs , I did not join it!

  26. @Ramya: oh no...not her adalat! ok i agree :D but for your sake only...for the sake of your true love for Miss RS

    @Suzy: hospital visit- yup unbeatable there. Sure there must have been lots of moments like that. should strike at this time though

    @Ashish: u didn't? TCS? after all that joy & happiness? u intrigue me now!

    @sm: thank you :) and wish u the same too

  27. Ya it was TCS , You know what , first two years of my college , I doubted the process , I never thought of me as someone who is moving in the direction of being 'Engineer' , I wanted to be complete not an ignorant graduate. I turned into an introvert. I did not like anything.

    As i read somewhere 'You may not always invent but you always learn if you try'.

    But as the third year started , I participated in an IBM contest,This was something i needed really badly , and in fact that just put an end to some of my ignorance about 'WEB'. I followed some classy people on twitter, I never got an interest in the text books , I would always find blogs , videos and some amazing PDF's.I looked happy , it showed on my face.

    I got that job when this competition had just started , So when i say 'i cried and laughed for one hour ' was full of many reasons. My parents were so happy , That was a feeling i can't explain.

    We did get some recognition in that competition as one of top 10 state teams of India , But more important than the destination was the 'journey as they say'. I am still learning (and a bit of freelancing) and would want to work with IBM soon.

    Never thought i would write so much , That's almost a new post as a comment :)

  28. Hey! gold medal doesnt just give 15 mins fame.. you are just modest:)
    Nice one:)

  29. Congr88s mam for ur great success. Found ur blog interesting. Even I do beleive that we should take that 15 minutes of fame. Once you get success ur should try to maintain and think for further improvement.

  30. Hmmm...nice post sujatha, as they say in show buisness 'Badnaam to badnaam, naam to hai", so I guess, some are willing to go to any extent for fame, even making fools of themselves...hehe..

    Btw, congrats on your gold medal...incredible, really..

  31. congrats- i know what u're talking abt. my 15 mins was when my book got published

  32. Are wah! Yeh toh paDaaku hai yaar.. :)
    I topped my school. I was in the limelight. Wow! I won a painting competition, debate, pick and speak, throw ball and when I captained a cricket team in my high school days and when we won..
    Wow! you brought back all those nostalgic moments.
    Fame did build, it took years Sujatha :)

  33. I've not yet experienced the 15 minutes of fame but I'm truly glad for you, congrats for the medal. Nice post, good source of inspiration.

  34. @Ashish: i can understand you now. And i can being to know how the journey must have been for you. I'm sure you will get to work AND rock in IBM :)

    about the comment being equal to a post, hey that's perfectly ok Ashish. I am just happy that you felt comfortable enough to express yourself.

  35. @KP: hehe...well....thank you :)

    @manas: yes Manas there is no end to learning & growing. M glad you found my blog interesting because i find your poems very nice too

    @Anjali: that was aptly put - badnaam toh kya naam toh hai - haha

  36. @Sandy: published a book? WOW that's great! tell me all about it! Congrats! what an achievement!

    @Sahana: captained cricket team???!!!superrr! innenu talent idey ri Sahana? photography, writing, cricket, oratory, sports....list goes on

    @Aakash: you will surely have your day soon. those lovely poems you write are worth their weight in gold :)

  37. You said it yaar..but then with wannabes like murdoch, that ekta kapoor and all ruling airwaves, what else can we expect...mediocrity multiplied...you simply cannot watch primetime national TV anymore...i would rather watch a movie...:(((

  38. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  39. Excellent article on great topic Saru! In this age of Google, anonymity is any way impossible for any one with even the slightest achievement. And yes, congrats for the Gold Medal. Thankfully, academic achievement of this level is impossible without basic quality, so evident in your writing:)

  40. I agree that one should aspire for fame through achievement. Unfortunately that is a long route; unfortunately that takes time. I doubt whether most of the people- especially the ones you have quoted- have the maturity and patience to travel in the long route.

  41. Congrats for the Gold medal achievement in M.A.

    15 minutes of fame can be an achievement for some, but it can be a torture for some less fortunate ones.

  42. well, people like Paris and Rakhi works because Aam Junta likes these crazy things... all of them have got their share of fame... albeit temporary...

    congrats for your medal...nice post :)

  43. @India's: haha "that ekta" ...
    ya things have come to such a state that a movie is a better use of time

    @Shoaib: thank you so much Shoaib. It means a lot to me that you've enjoyed reading my blog. thanks for your "first comment", its precious :)

    @Satish: Sir you just called me Saru!!! I am Sujatha :))
    you are right: anonymity is just not possible in this day & age
    thank you for your last line. I will cherish it :)

  44. @Hariharan: i doubt it too, they wont take the harder, longer route to well-deserved fame. short cut works for them

    @Jobin: torture ?? oh because of people like RS? oh yeah! sure :)

    @SUB: yes correct they have all got a lions share of fame - already. wish they'd stop now. but they wont :(

  45. As always lovely and relevant post.
    I feel, every time the number in my follower's list on my blog increases, it is a moment of fame :P!! I guess I am just way too proud about it :D!!

  46. Congarts on your 15 minutes of fame and best wishes for many more to come.

    Well written post. you have rightly pointed out how these wannabes are doing nataunki and testing our tolerance & their stupidity. Poonam Pandey must be added to list.

  47. Firstly, congratulations on your well deserved 15 minutes or more ;) I loved the topic of "fame" put forth here. Kids these days are lost between making a fool of themselves rather than bringing out the best.

    BTW, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  48. Don't chase the fame, chase your passion... Fame will follow

  49. @Deepthi: you SHOULD be "way too proud" about it. it's a lovely blog

    @bemoney: thanks. yes, Poonam goes on the list :)

    @Kiran: yes, kids & some of us do need a better focus & clarity on things that matter

    @Shrinidhi: well said :)

  50. I belong to the class of people who never had their 15 mins of fame :-) But still am extremely positive in my outlook....I believe that fame is not required for u to feel worthy...its what u feel inside u....nobody can take that away from u....

  51. @the_hunk: of course not. self-worth doesn't depend on whether you are famous or not. whoever said that ?? if that were the case, 90% of us would be feeling "worthless",isn't it?

  52. everybody loves, hates and respects different sets of people/things/situations simply because we are all different and perhaps right in our own world inside our heads! And so everybody has his/her own ideas, ways and means to acquire fame, money and almost anything which makes us the mortals, immortals in quest for our own Popcorn Happiness :) !

  53. A Gold Medalist - no wonder you write so well :):)

  54. nice post Sujatha! Honestly speakig I liked the theme very much. You write so well on different topics in a very interestig way :)

  55. Hey Sujatha,

    Hey i really enjoyed your post.
    keep writing. I will come back for more.

  56. @Nitin: well said Nitin

    @kavita: maybe it's the other way round :))

    @shveta: thank you Shveta. such a sweet comment from someone whose own blog is great too :)

    @Ranjana: m glad you liked the post. sure, do come back. no greater joy for a blogger than a dedicated reader, isnt it?

    @Deepthi: no formalities pls :0

  57. @ thank you ;)
    cant read Tamil so i dont know your name.checked your blog. that too is in Tamil

  58. lol Sahana padaku ..sahi kaha

    Sujatha gold medal n all ha..tusi to gr8 ho paji :) :)

  59. hi Am not very active on FB.,,too much of spam ...tq for ur comments on my posts. It was indeed fun meeting you and other bloggers at the meet. You can follow me on Twitter @avalok or keep in touch via direct mail avalok@gmail,com. Keep blogging and take care...

  60. @Avalok: i don't have a twitter a/c. but that's ok. thanks for stopping by ;)

  61. Abbbaaaaa Finally I have answered to you in detail :D about why I love RS :D
    Pls go thru and just accept that RS Mahan hai!


  62. the media has portrayed so many things in different lights that now everybody is crazy to be in the limelight...and not necessarily through good deeds.... as they say...if you cannot be famous, be infamous... so everybody is now trying to be on tv and sometimes they do disgusting things.... very thoughtful post...and belated congratulations on your gold medal...i always envy those gold medalists :)

  63. @Ramya: haha sure will go through that post

    @Israr: that's right, better infamous than famous

  64. Sujatha thank you for visiting Freebird...This is such an intelligent post. Media should portray deserving heroes and not people thriving on controversial statements like Rakhi, Poonam Pandey and Sherlyn...But sensationalism has its own market and the only moral for that is money.

  65. @Alka: true, sensationalism sells like nothing else.

  66. not everyone wants to be famous though...there are some you like their anonymity. - your 105th follower.

  67. @Life: sure,there must be people who dislike the limelight.
    thank you for following :)

    @Manoj: thank you Manoj ji

  68. Hi Sujatha, Sorry am commenting late on this post (and my first comment in your blog)...
    First of all, glad to know you're a gold medalist... Congrats!! :)
    Must agree that many people go gaga on fame and don't know what to do during those moments...
    I had experienced a fame moment when my photograph (which i clicked for city happenings) got published in an English daily (but the publisher misprinted my name though!!)

  69. @Anand: that's ok Anand - am just glad that you took the time to read & comment - late or early doesn't matter

    ouch! your name was misprinted :(
    but really nice that your click was published. that's amazing. do u have that pic on your blog?

  70. You 'earned' the gold medal. :o)

  71. @Sujatha: I don't have that pic with me now.. Lost it :( That's a pic concerning about the city beat... (happened to capture a transformer covered with wet clothes for drying!! hahaha..., funny indeed and dangerous though)

  72. @Rocky: yes. thank you Rocky

    @Anand: transformer as clothesline? haha ya funny & dangerous at the same time

  73. Best is once in a lifetime experience. And that is always the next one.

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  75. @henry: thank you Henry, i am glad you liked the blog

  76. nicely penned :)
    completely agree with you.

    congratulations for your achievement(s):)
    hope you get many more such awards..

    i see that you haven't yet added the +1 button to your blog. i guess adding the same would get you more traffic :)

    all the best :)

  77. @Jigar: thank you Jigar

    i thought i have already added the +1 button! let me check

  78. Nice post, I have already extended your 15 minutes of fame- it may not stop there:))

  79. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been talking to an MA gold medalist all these days, that was my 15 minutes of fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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