28 April 2010

Every Couple's Love Song

Every couple has their signature love song when they are seeing each other. A dating song if u can say so. A song that was a hit during their courtship days.The tune that resonates in their hearts for months and years to come. The song that invariably becomes THEIR song.

When I listen to the mesmerizing number from Kites:
Zindagi ….
Do pal ki
Intezaar kab tak
hum karenge bhala
Tumse pyar kab tak
naakarenge bhala”

I wonder how many love-struck couples are swaying to it. Or playing it to each other.Or exchanging coy, meaningful glances every time it is played.Or dedicating it to one another during musical nights.Because to them it is “their” song. The song that expresses how they feel. The song that does all the talking for them. The words seem right out of their own longing hearts.

I remember the time when Sathya& I were seeing each other in the summer of 2005. Our love song (in Kannada) was
“Preethi yeke bhoomi melidey
Bereyellu jaaga illavey
Nanney yeke preethi madidey
Nanna haage yaru illavey”

It was the hello tune for me on his phone. I remember waiting for him endlessly. He would say “5 minutes” & not turn up before an hour. I’d go mad & call him up every 30 sec! And when I did, the track would play & it’d melt my heart away. And then when I finally see his “late” face (the face that was late in appearing), my anger would completely evaporate.

Sathya would listen to a number from NusratFateh Ali Khan. Especially when he was dead drunk on Saturday nights.


  1. Is tareh pyar se,
    tumne dekha sanam,
    Kya kahe kya hua,
    hum rahe ab na hum,
    tumhara kya gaya ! humara dil gaya
    ke ab dil ko sanam kaha du dhenge hum !
    (Udit Narayan) 2001

  2. Janam Dekh lo Mit Gayi Duriyan... Mai Yaha hu Yaha hu yaha Hu yaha....

  3. oho that was quick :)
    hey that's sathya's fav too....he used to listen to it endlessly

  4. tum jo aaye jindagi mein baat ban gayi...sapne teri chahto ke...:)

  5. though the song is not from this 'time'... our couple song is "dil ne kaha chupke se/ pyaar hua chupke se (1942 A Love Story)

  6. Yava Hanigalinda, Yava Nelavu Hasiraguvudo
    Yaara Sparshadindaa, Yara Manavu Hasivaguvudo..
    Yara Usirali Yara Hesaro Yaru Baredaro
    Yava Preeti Huvu, Yara Hrudayadalli Ararluvudo
    Yaara Prema Poojege Mudipo, Yaru Balloro

    This was 'OURS' :D Because none of us had spoken about our feelings. We just knew..

    Beautiful! Made me nostalgic!

  7. @shveta: welcome to my blog! aha..so that was ur song :)

    @jojo: m getting to relish some of my fav tunes! that was an awesome # from 1942

    @Sahana: mungaru maley bandaga i already had a baby in hand, neev innu love alli idri hahha!! this movie was Tan's fav. naanu avlige cerelac thinsovaga ee film haadugalu hakleybeku.

    of all d songs from dat movie, Yava Hanigalinda...is the most soulful/beautiful/touching...d tune, d words, d singing...hrudaya natutte

  8. Ours is "Words" by Bee Gees. The song ends with "Its only words,
    and words are all I have,
    to take your heart away."

    My husband and I were actually introduced to each other by our parents. But at tht point, I wasn't interested in marrying him. Later on, we started chatting and eventually I got swept away by all his talk/words. Thus the significance :-)

  9. Anne: aah thats one sweet love story & song too :)
    very apt

  10. @chitra: u didnt put your song Dr Chitra ?!

  11. @Mr. Cool: thanks. ok, after this m imme checking out ur blog to know ur real name :)

  12. How sweet! :)
    I have a song, but I have no one to share the song with, yet!! :P

    "Stuck in my heart" by C21

  13. @metagravity: in time in time :)) u'll have some1 to share it with

  14. good one sujatha.. nicely written!

  15. @Sujatha.. Something very close to our hearts but rarely expressed.. Thnx for bringing it into notice.. :-)

  16. I sighed so much...took me back to our courtship days...how my heart skip several beats each time I heard his voice on the phone...And ohh we fought so much.

  17. @Himanshu: thank u Himanshu

    @Sudeshna: hmm ya..never thot abt it, dat its rarely exprssd though felt by everyone..thanks :))

    @Purba: :))) its wonderful to fall/be in love...the anticipation is both killing & awfully sweet

  18. Hehehehehhe, I remember harassing the couples that used to be there in my college days, will tease them with their own songs..
    But thanks for taking me back to those big bad days...

  19. sweet post....I love the song 'pahela nasha'

  20. @Dr Vikram: ohh mean mean VIkram hahha just kidding ...
    so u didnt have a song of ur own? mayb we cud tease u with it now :)

    @SUB: haan...pehla nasha...beautiful

  21. Lovely post!
    This one's my fav- 'On top of the world' by Carpenters.

  22. Sujatha, you just refreshed some of the best memories with this post. Multiple songs, one love.
    - Tu is tarah se meri zindagi mein shaamil hai
    - Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata koi
    - Saiyaan (Kailash Kher)
    - Mere Sang to chal zara (New York)
    - Tumko dekha toh yeh khayal aaya (Jagjit Singh)
    - Yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar (Jagjit Singh)
    - Na jaa kahin ab na (Mere Humdum Mere dost)
    - Na jaane kyun, hota hai yeh zindagi ke saath (Chhoti si baat)

    Words, melodies, tunes, colours, smells, places, situations, and objects trigger memories of people who touch our lives. But when they are gone, the memories in all these form still remain. I guess the art and peace remain in preserving our love for the person without being depressed when all these things remind us of them and the good times we've had.

  23. @Khushbu: beautifully written Khushbu the last para in ur comment.
    Tera mujhse hai....is one of my fav too

  24. i found ua blog jus today , unlucky me til sterdae :) my fav love song "pudhu vellai mazhai ingu poligindrdhu" :) :) ossum post btw :) loved it :)

  25. @Uma: thank you Uma.
    M glad you enjoyed the post as much as i enjoyed writing it. Love does that to us, doesn't it?

  26. A very sweet post. Love and music have that unique connect. They are soul mates. :) And your writing was so natural and flowing.

    On a side note.. every topic that you pick to write on, resonates so well with the reader. You have that unique knack and it helps you to captivate reader right away! :)

    1. ya very true - love & music are soul mates.

      btw, you didn't mention your love song. most of them did :)

    2. Hmmm.. :) Mine is an old Tamil song - "En eniya pon nilave"! Literally translates to "My sweet golden moon!" ;)

  27. woww :P
    sooo Coool :D
    loved it :D

    1. thanks :)
      you didn't mention your song!

    2. all romantic songs r my favorite :P
      if u want me to pick one :P than :S

      Titanic is ultimate :P

    3. agree. that was an super awesome song by Dion

  28. What a sweet post, I thought you are back with fresh ones. Come back, we kinda miss you :(