26 May 2010

Fair Enough

The post titled ‘Men in My Life’ was written straight from the heart. A response I recently received for it was “is it comfortable revealing personal details on a public forum like a blog?”

Yes, a blog is a public forum, I am aware. But when I write, I am not too conscious of either the medium or the content. The pen rolls, the ink flows, the words take life. The medium isn’t restrictive. As for the content, the writings are left to the readers’ interpretations. Different people react differently. Fair enough.

As for ‘revealing’ myself to the public, who is this public anyways? Either of two people: those that I know very closely & those that I don’t know at all; a motley crowd of close friends & complete strangers. Friends know me well; at least, I should hope so, by now. So it doesn’t matter how they take what I write. Simply because I know they take it in the right spirit, they understand me & where I come from. As for strangers, they are just that – strangers. So how does it matter what they think? They don’t know me & if they get me wrong, fine.

My blog is an expression of things I have felt & experienced; my life, my moments. Hence, it can only be true & honest (as brutally honest as I can muster courage for at this point in time) & without fear of what people might think. Waise bhi,

Kuch toh log kahenge
Logo ka kaam hai kehna
Chodo bekaar ki baton mein
Beet na jaaye reina

I’m sure my classmates from school & college, my former colleagues, my students & the others who I met along life’s journey & who now may sometimes read my blog, might snigger & say, “Ahh…see there…I told you…” or preen, “I knew it!”. But it’s ok. 33 is a good age to be honest with one self; forum or no forum, public space or private.

Blogging is essentially laying bare one’s life. If it unsettles some people, so be it. Like I said, people who matter understand; those who don’t understand don’t matter!


  1. Good way of looking at things- those who know you, know you well; so you don't need to worry about them. Those who don't know you are anyway strangers.

  2. @Hariharan: one of life's learning!

  3. I like your approach and attitude to blogging. Have fun blogging. :)

  4. @Nona: thank you Nona. i sure am :)

  5. Exactly, I agree about being honest. The only time I control myself is when I know it might hurt someone, but as long as it is about me, better be honest and not worry about peoples' comments.

  6. @Sunil: haan Sir its pointless worrying ki log mere baare mein kya sochenge

  7. That's true sathya.

    I feel whatever content is available in internet is derived from experiences, thoughts and feeling s of individuals.

    it pays to be honest, and artists strength is their purity and honesty.


  8. @Gowardhan: haan Sir. humne toh apni zindagi jee lee, why to pretend/lie ? thank you for taking time to put your thoughts here

    @deepa: :))) when we are on the wrong side of 30, guts automatically comes hahaha
    welcome to my blog. c u more often

  9. Now that's a brilliant attitude. And that's what makes a stranger to you, like me respect you. :)

    And you ask me why I keep calling you Ma'm.? :)

    1. :)) what can i say to that now? but a thanks and a smile

  10. Likho bindass
    Jiyo bindass
    Aise hi writer ki
    Duniya ko hai talaash

    Do not pay any heed...keep writing:)

  11. You brought out the essence and meaning of writing. We write what we think, what we feel, what we are. The whole idea is to set the mind free and it instantly takes the form of a pen and dips into the ink of memories and thoughts.

    "The pen rolls, the ink flows, the words take life." - That's exactly what it is. Beautiful! :)

  12. I agree with you Sujatha. For those who matter, they know who you are. For those who don't, it is up to them to interpret it their way. After all through blogging, we mean to express ourselves and reach out to others!

  13. It is beauty of your blog that you talk straight and that is why you are read by most of your readers. So, do what you do best.