05 May 2011

What attracts you to a bad boy?

For some strange reasons, all bad boys are very attractive. Listed here are some of the “strange” reasons. Bad boys are nothing short of a thrilling conquest. There’s always a surprise element to them. Nothing’s ever easy with them & they are a mystery that we, the slightly more daring ones, love to solve. They keep the equation fresh & enticing. They goad you on, to want to experience a part of life that you might have been hesitant to try by yourself. They have a mind of their own & are not afraid to go after things. So, when it finally dawns on you, that “I am what he wants”, it sure is a massive turn-on. They are just SO WRONG, they make life exciting!

Like always, I speak from experience. Sathya is the epitome of a bad boy: charming with a killer sense of humor; extremely witty with a dare-devil attitude; always the bully - never the victim; aggressive, passionate. If you think I’m writing a eulogy of my husband, here’s the part that may (or may not) be music to your ears: bad boys don’t necessarily make great husbands.

After you’ve dried up the fuel tank of your Karizma, zipping past long, endless roads, you realize that you have to now get down to the business of living. And living means – the dishes, the garbage, the raising of kids, the timely payment of bills (your house owner cares two hoots for your handsome husband’s sense of humor), the vehicle upkeep, the groceries, the medical needs, the lousy days, the end-of-the-month dry days (ATMs can’t give you what you don’t already have!!), the messy kitchen, the even messier laundry … so on & so forth.

Expecting your bad boy to give a helping hand here, are you? That’s expecting TOO much, darling. Can’t you see, he is busy entertaining the world, so that it eventually acknowledges how boring this planet could be without him? Now, cut him some slack, will you? Didn’t you promise him, that you would be his perfect wife & would be ready to do anything for him? Isn’t it time you lived up to your promises, baby? What? You say he made those very same promises to you too? Well, do you really want us to believe, that you took his words seriously? Did you forget that those mesmerizing words rolled off his tongue, on one of those drunken nights while on the dance floor, swaying to the music in one of those by the pool-side, roof top pubs? Come on now. You know better than to be carried away by a man & his spirits.

Have you ever read the instructions printed on a cigarette pack, dear? It says, ‘Smoking is injurious to health’. It applies quite beautifully, & might I add perfectly, to this rare human species called “bad boys”. They are injurious to your health. And to your temperament. And to your sanity. And to your wallet (sometimes!!). And to your craving for the semblance of a normal life. And to your ideas of happily ever after. And to your Facebook-worthy, perfect- family photo shoots. They are injurious, alright, particularly, if you’re the pukka family or gharelu type.

But if this didn’t scare you, then listen on. After the dizzy days have all gone & the romance has ebbed & flowed, do you still love him enough to want to put up with a lot of what some might call “crap”? Do you still find yourself waiting for him, with the same longing that once marked your wild days? Do you still feel you couldn’t be happier without him, even on days & especially, on days when you want to kill yourself for marrying him? If yes, go make a life together. There couldn’t be two people more ‘made for each other’ than the two of you. He is good fun. The trick is in making it work. God bless!


  1. Sujatha, was that sarcastic?

    I do agree with you. Life isn't only that what a couple would think when they fall in Love. After marriage, problems keep erupting and unless there are characters which can suppress the simple-to-complex hurdles in life, it would be nothing better than making a living in hell.

    Also, there might exist 'good looking bad boys' and 'bad looking good boys'. Picking the right one is the greatest trick of life :o)

  2. was i sarcastic? i dont know.didnt c dat coming.

    liked ur line "good looking bad boys" & "bad looking good boys".

  3. Sujatha! I do agree with you in parts.
    With my own experience,
    My husband belonged to those "bad guy" category. I had expected a situation like you have stated in your writing.
    But, it turned out otherwise.
    He changed! YES! He did. He does not help me 100%, atleast 30% ! Which is a big thing in this busy life.
    Sometimes, when I think about him, I feel bad that he had to change because of me. But, when I change the focus to me. It is a complete drift in everyway. So, minor changes in life is inevitable.

  4. interesting indeed!
    cant agree more with ur last line!

  5. :) This indeed was a very good post on bad boys ! Having a bad boy as a husband is way beyond my imagination :P Well it needs divine patience to be the perfect wife and you my lady seem to have done that! :)

    Cheers to you!

  6. @M: finally! some acknowledgment & appreciation of my efforts! thank you M :)

  7. Aakarshan bana rahe bus ! That would keep the marriage rocking !

  8. Bad guys may not make perfect husbands, but bad guys know to make you happy..:)

    1. wise words! is that experience speaking? :))