17 June 2011

The Most Stylish Blogger Award

Couple of weeks back, i had the honor of receiving the Most Stylish Blogger Award from Sahana Suhas (Spicy Sweet)a veteran blogger. So as the tradition goes, here i am doing the honors for a few other bloggers & writing 7 facts about myself.

7 facts about me

1. I have never tasted/touched/eaten curd. Ever.

2. I love being around little kids AND old people. I know, they are two opposite ends of the age spectrum. But they are both so full of stories – real & imagined that I find it very endearing.

3. I love climbing: railings, artificial walls, rocks, trees, just about anything.

4. I like the sound of the word ‘verbal diarrhoea’. Whoever came up with that?

5. I am fascinated by the Japanese culture & architecture. Want to visit Japan at least once before I die. Any sponsors, please?!

6. I hate pizza & pasta. Yes you heard that right! I can’t stand them!!

7. I am extremely, overly, completely, absolutely, utterly, enormously jealous of people who travel ‘on work’ or travel ‘for a living’. The globetrotting, frequent flyer, living out of suitcases, mixing business with pleasure types. Want to trade places?

Phew! That took a lot out of me: writing about myself. What is wrong with me? Why am I whining about this?

Now on to the most important part of this post: The award ceremony. The Most Stylish Blogger Award goes to

1. Suzaan: www.suzyz.blogspot.com

She writes as she thinks. The words are not edited, nor are the feelings; straight from the heart. Since she chronicles her day-to-day life, when I read her blog, I feel I am some place near her, even though she is miles away, in Kuwait. It definitely helps stay connected. The other thing I really love about her writing is the humor. It’s incredible how she makes even the most mundane things sound so funny. You got to read it to believe it. I’ve laughed so hard while reading some of the lines in some of her posts that my daughter has asked me, “Why are you laughing while doing your homework?”

This award is for you Suzie.

2. Jayashri: www.jayashrishetty.blogspot.com

She is as new to blogging as me. Her forte is poetry. She writes such lovely short poems. The occasional prose write-ups are on diverse topics & equally good. Wish she had more time to devote for blogging because she is definitely a high potential blogger.

Jayashri, hope you will accept this award.

If you do not know what this award is all about, even I did not know when I got, google the answer out and here it is, If you are the recipient of the award

1. Tell 7 things about yourself.
2. Pay it forward and award the Versatile Blogger to recently discovered new bloggers.
3. Contact everyone and let them know they've been awarded!


  1. Sujatha, after reading point no. 3, I don't wonder why Tanvi is so naughty climbing railings and jumping on bed :o)

    If I ever get enough money to spend, you have gotten your sponsor to Japan :D

  2. Oh my my!!! Same pinch for points 2-7.
    But all those makes life wonderfull... enjoy the wierdness in you...

    And congrats for all the winners!

  3. :O :O I had my expressions like that!
    You have NEVER eaten curds! HUH! That's an achievement.
    Am so glad that I passed on the award to you!!!
    Got to know some weird things about you..

  4. thank you Prashanth..u r very generous - now with words & intention (to sponsor the japan trip) & later with the cash i HOPE :00.
    i pray that whether i make lots of money or not, YOU should...after all mere trip ka sawaal hai...

    true pretty weird we are Ramya...must enjoy it too

    haha Sahana... m guessing u cant live without curds

  5. First time on your blog! Let me compliment you -- you look really beautiful in a sari. And, congrats on winning the award. Nothing better than genuine appreciation from a fellow blogger. Point no. 1 amazed me. I assume that you are a South Indian and you have never ever tried curd :). 3 is quite interesting, 6 is again surprising, and I agree wholeheartedly on 7 :).

  6. Thanx for the compliment Rachna. True - appreciation matters -esp for a completely novice blogger like me.
    Ya m a sounth indian (Udupi to be precise) & my whole family LOVES curd. its just me - odd one. i find it too slimy & the pizaa too sticky!

  7. hello sujatha...
    as Rachna ji said "no to curd" is completely surprising from a south indian....wish you get some sponser asap to have your dream trip come true.....

    and CONGRATS for being a "stylish blogger"....

    best wishes,

  8. Hello Irfan, welcome to my blog. Yeah me too wishing for a sponsor (a generous one @ that :))

  9. Never had curd... Amazing!!
    LOL @ verbal diarrhoea :D
    Congrats for the award! :)

  10. Congrats on the award.. No curd I love it so much ..
    climbing well same same .. :)
    and same here I hate junk food I prefer Roti at home anyday and anytime ..


  11. @ Shilpa & Bikramjit: the curd thing seems to have surprised many. well....
    bikramjit: nice to know u love climbing too :)

  12. Congrats and some interesting facts about you:)

  13. I know I am late but this is my first time on your blog-so congrats Sujatha :-)

    Oh my! if we ever meet for lunch I don't think we will ever decide on a place to eat - I love curd AND pizza AND pasta(separately of course!)!

  14. @Anne: ROFL...ya v might never decide on a place to eat....
    thanks for coming here. & no, its never too late (with compliments :))