20 July 2011


19th July 2011 – a date I won’t forget! A good one hour siesta, & a cup of hot tea later, as usual at around 5p.m, I sat at my system & opened my blog.

In my latest post “A couple & an office” I noticed there was a new comment. As I read, I was ….! Still! And then, there was this big flutter in my heart! I was overjoyed!

Am I really seeing this? My name listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs! My blog is one of India's best blogs? It had names of established writers like Shobhaa Dee, Shekar Kapur, Rajdeep Sardesai….oh my! I found it incredible.

No, I didn’t want to pinch myself because I didn’t want to wake up to reality! If it’s just a figment of my imagination, so be it. What an imagination! But it was true. I was also thrilled to see names of bloggers who I religiously follow like Rachna Parmar (whose blog was rated Excellent, isn’t that great?) and B Log.

I immediately rang up Sathya & told him about it. He didn’t jump with joy. How do I ever get him to be excited about my writing endeavors?

Anyways, I did the dishes in the evening, with a song in my heart. Usually, it’s a very mechanical act. But today was different. I swear I could’ve endorsed Vim, Sparkle, Sabina, Mr. Muscle, any liquid detergent brand you name, with great gusto. I was a professional dishwasher.

I was touched, because all this while, my blog was only an escape route, a ‘vent it out’ medium for my crazed brain. I realized that writing wasn’t as easy (yes, even if it is to only rant & rave) as some people think or assume it is. I took to blogging a full One Year after I quit my job, at age 33! It was simply to fill my time & days. I am no writer; so never in my wildest dream did I ever think that I would come this far.

I am humbled.

I know I am saying way too much & feeling way too much but for ME, it really is way too much!


  1. Congratulations Sujatha! Keep it going...Let the laurels flood your way.

  2. Congratulations Sujatha...:))

    its really a nice feeling to be in that list with so many good fellow bloggers there....i am feeling same with my blog listed there under 'excellent blog category'...:D

    keep blogging n get going....:)

    Bets wishes,

  3. @ Saru: thank you :)
    @ Irfan: Congratulations to u too Irfan :)Is this your first too?

  4. Congratulations Sathya :)Well Deserved :)Wish you more and more success :)

  5. This is great news, Congratulations Sujatha. Am sure yesterday evening you might have added sugar instead of salt to Sambar (singing with joy). Looking forward to read more of your writing :o)

  6. @ Kavita: thank you :)

    @ Prashanth: thank you:) hahaha ...no no...no sugar

  7. Congrats .
    I am ur new Follower

  8. Ahaa! That calls for a party!
    Congratulations.. !
    You have the natural flow in your write-ups. I just love that!
    Keep writing dearie.. :)

  9. Well Congrats! I saw many of my friend on their blog. I am in the Excellent category. Your excitement is so cute. Wish you the very best for your future writing! Don't rely on husbands; they will be like get on with it :).

  10. That's wonderful to hear about! Many more Congrats. I agree, its not easy to write about but keep writing doesn't sound noise, right?

  11. @ Jidhu: thank you :)
    @ Sahana: thank you so much :)
    Party on ur next visit to Sankey Tank what say??
    @ Rachna" thank you :). rite abt d husbands part:)
    @ Jeevan: thank you :)

  12. Hellooooooo,

    Hearty Hearty Congratulaitons :)
    You are worth it, And I whole heartedly tell that you dont have to be exceptional in writing end of the day venting out in way which is entertaining and also some little thing to take away is all it is. And you are very good in that.

    Keep writting
    Very happy and proud of you
    PS: I got to be careful while writting now on ;) u are following me!!!

  13. Congrats sujata,
    It is an achievement to be in the directory of vest blogs. Keep up the good work

  14. heartiest congratulations on the mention in the list .. yoooo hooooooooooo :)


  15. @ Ramya: ohh m so glad u r back!
    i knew u had gone on a holiday but whn u were bak N still no new posts on ur blog (i check it EVERYDAY)felt like u went on hibernation!! i wanted to wake u up :) coz i was missing it. u know Ramya, d addiction is not only to our own blog but more to others blogs.

  16. @bemoneyaware: thank you :)

    @Bikram: thank you :)

  17. congrats yaar....so now as your on step no 1 to promote your blog there is still a long way to go ....and get the lazy bloggers to comment after they read your wonderful posts anyways good luck ...and keep blogging

  18. @Bhavna: thank u :) hahha ya will c what i can do about the 'lazy' bloggers! true..m really on step no 1

  19. Ohhh fine :)

    Hearty hearty congratulations!!

  20. You fully deserve to be placed up there with the other Eminent bloggers. Keep writing, I luv reading your blog :)

  21. @Ashwini: thank u so much Ashwini. ur words - it means a lot :)

  22. this is awesome!!!!!!! i found the right place to promote my blog :D.

  23. @Deb: haha hamesha apni hi socho :)))

  24. So happy to read all this. To me you hold greater promises.
    Please accept my belated heartiest congratulations !
    Happy Blogging Sujatha !

    1. that is a very encouraging response. thank you so much aarkay

  25. :) can absolutely understand what must have felt like for you..